Greener Cleaner

Why Clean Green?

Did you know?

“Chemical-free” is another term used often on labels.  Let’s get this straight; nothing is free of chemicals, not even YOU.

Water is made up of chemicals.  All plants, animals, and humans are made of chemicals as are all products made by humans.  Meat labelled “natural” might have been treated with antibiotics and a chicken labelled “free range” might never have gone outside.

Words such as these are irrelevant and distract the consumer from finding a greener option! Clean Green and Don’t be Green-washed!  

Greener Cleaner Cleaning Company is tough on dirt and easy on the planet!  We will clean your home with our hand crafted, eco-friendly, green cleaners!  

Tough on dirt, easy on the planet!

Tough on dirt, easy on the planet!

We take pride in ensuring our hand crafted cleaning products (and cleaning methods) are effective and as sustainable as possible.  We use glass bottles, locally sourced ingredients and are experts in the field of cleaning!

And…we pay attention to detail!  

Greener cleaner cleaning company is for a better world!  

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